Dr Victor Welcomes You to New York & Dubai Offices

Medical Dermatologist | Cosmetic Dermatologist | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)Dr. Steven Victor and his medical team at Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation would like to announce that they have recently opened their superb new medical facility at 460 Park Avenue on the 17th Floor (NW corner of Park and 57th Street), in conjunction with the ReGen Medical, PC medical practice. Also Dr. Victor is available at The Emirates Hospital Dubai and for consultation call +1-917-402-9551 (WhatsApp) or email Dubai@Regenmedicalpc.com. As a measure of its commitment to the details of the ultimate patient experience, Dr. Victor has renovated a spacious, modern facility to reflect the sophisticated taste and elegance of his discerning clientele. Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation has joined Dr. Victor’s regenerative medical practice, ReGen Medical, PC, to best provide his patients with the most current and effective cosmetic anti-aging services including Dr. Victor’s exceptional injection technique and precise body sculpting talents. He has also incorporated his proprietary regenerative procedures using cellular therapy that is unique in the world to ReGen Medical, PC.

Dr. Victor expressed, “It is an exciting moment for Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation and its affiliate, ReGen Medical PC, to finally move into its new state-of-the-art facility. It has taken a year to build out the new space that consists of 2 quad AAAA operating rooms, 8 treatment rooms and a new Tissue Processing Laboratory and we look forward to welcoming you to our new home”. In Dubai Dr Victor has Dubai Health Authority approval for practicing as a GP specializing in Regenerative Medicine and has built a Cellular Processing Lab in the Emirates Hospital following US FDA cGTP standards.

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Medical Dermatologist | Cosmetic Dermatologist | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)

Dr. Steven Victor has pioneered what today is known as “aesthetic dermatology and rejuvenation”. Over a 30 year period, Dr. Victor has developed groundbreaking procedures and products to help people look their best and feel their best.

Based in New York City, Dr. Victor’s practice became the destination for celebrities, fashion models and personalities from around the world. His passions for safe, modern, and minimally invasive therapies have enabled him to discover and develop numerous techniques that today are the staple of cosmetic dermatology practices. Among his many contributions to the practice of better aesthetic medicine include the scientific skin care products based on the Bio-Fusion™ technology he developed, an advanced technique known as LaserSculpt™, which is a minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure to remove fat and “contour” your body as well as tighten the skin to improve the appearance of aging skin. » Read Full Bio

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Medical Dermatologist | Cosmetic Dermatologist | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)These skincare treatments are the products of the most astounding technological and innovative skincare processes in the field of dermatological rejuvenation. They’re not merely cover-ups. They are clinically proven treatments that produce startling results by regenerating the cellular structure to ensure a future of beautiful, ageless, perfect skin. These formulations not only protect and restore the skin, they help prevent and visibly reverse the signs of aging.
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